A pastry chef, also known as a patissier, creates delectable cakes, pastries, cookies and bread. In a professional kitchen, like that of a restaurant or hotel, pastry chefs occupy the pastry substation and are responsible for creating products that are as pleasing aesthetically as they are to taste. The job requires long hours on the feet and can get tiring, but pastry chefs get to employ their creativity to the fullest and come up with amazing creations, making it a very gratifying career.

You can become a pastry chef by taking a bakery course in Dehradun.

Skills Required to Become a Pastry Chef

Creativity – You need to have a very creative mind in order to become a great baker in India. You can do this by taking a bakery course in Dehradun.

Attention to Detail – You need to pay a lot of attention to minute details in your work. These details are what make your creation better than your competitors’.

Customer Service – This is part of every hospitality management professional, be it baker, bartender, server or hostess. You need to be good at assisting your clients with what they need. If they need customised cakes, pastries or cupcakes, you must make it for them according to their wishes. A good hotel management institute in Dehradun will help you with this. You can take a bakery course in Dehradun to help you learn these things.

Stamina – This job requires you to stand for long hours. You need to have a lot of stamina in order to do this job properly. Baking is a long process and patience is a virtue.

Punctuality – This is one of the cardinal rules of the hospitality industry. All hospitality management professional must be punctual in all their duties and it is no different for a pastry chef.

If you are interested in the field of hospitality, you must learn these skills from a well-reputed hotel management college in Uttarakhand. You can do this by taking a bakery course in Dehradun at one of the best hotel management college in India.