With the increase in tourism world over, the scope of hotel management and allied sectors has gone through the roof. Which is why every establishment now wants well-educated employees who know what they are doing. Establishments, 5 stars or not, want already trained employees; ones whom they only have to guide, who can then do their jobs efficiently. This includes bartenders.

There is an increasing demand for skilled bartenders. In the old days – and not that many years ago – even the most fashionable restaurants and cocktail bars trained their own bartenders. This required costly time from more experienced colleagues and represented the risk that the upcoming bartenders would serve a drink or cocktail far from perfect.

However, today many of the best international restaurants and bars acknowledge the importance of having skilled personnel behind the bar from day one. A perfectly balanced drink or cocktail calls for additional sales, so an experienced bartender behind the bar may represent the difference between economic success and failure.

This is why the bartenders from Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun, the topmost hotel management college in Dehradun, are almost guaranteed to find a job afterwards. By hiring them, the bar manager is guaranteed a colleague with a broad knowledge within the bartending field as well as within the field of sales and service that is so crucial to the revenue.