In the past two decades, with liberalisation taking over the globe, there has been a steady rise in the expansion of firms and businesses all over the world. Firms are no longer boxed in the country of their origin, but are truly becoming multinational companies with offices in all major countries.

Since firms are expanding their businesses, they are improving the chances of fresh graduates being recruited. This has resulted in a paradigm shift of students opting for management courses, particularly at undergraduate level and that can be attributed to the intense competition among various market players.

Ram Institute, the best BBA college in Dehradun, offers a BBA programme that aims at providing fundamental education to students in the field of business principles. It offers practical management training that helps students prepare to perform well in organisations subsequently. The result is that BBA graduates from Ram Institute, the best BBA college in Dehradun, have excellent capabilities to perform well in the modern organisations thereby making the programme as one of the most sought after courses at Under Graduate level.

Post BBA, you may opt for different careers.You may choose to go for higher studies or may start working in a corporate or even start a venture of his or her own like many RIHM alumni. Higher studies can be in the field of Management like pursuing MBA or PGDM or may be even some short term courses in Digital Marketing. Different specializations at Masters in Management studies include Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Information Systems, Production and Operations Management, International Business.

Over the course of the last decade, the horizons for BBA graduates have been widened and they are now being hired by various industries that include:

  • Banking Sector
  • FMCG
  • Logistics Companies
  • Data analysis firms
  • E-commerce firms
  • Finance and Investment firms