The North Indian state of Uttarakhand has become home to some of the top hotel management colleges in the country. What has led to the rise of some top hotel management colleges in Uttarakhand?

A number of factors contribute to this phenomenon. Traditionally tourism and the allied activities have been the source of discovery, curiosity and hope for human sustenance and development. With the spirit of exploring the whole earth, man set out to find new lands. This spirit has not diminished with time, but has only increased. The number of people visiting other lands has incur Its obvious importance apart, the field is witnessing a resurgence. The traditionally strong educational culture in Uttarakhand has mainly propelled this surge. The state boasts of a number of world-class institutes supported by the natural and peaceful setting highly conducive to academics and learning. As such students can study at a number of top hotel management colleges in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is already an established center of learning.

A lot of opportunities wait for hotel management graduates in the public sector as well. The State Tourism Departments is always looking for highly qualified graduates with knowledge of the hospitality sector. A number of Government tourism organisations like the GMVN and the KMVN (in Uttarakhand itself) hire competent graduates to help them run their establishments.

The private sector offers a variety of jobs for the hospitality graduates well. In fact, the scope for a hospitality graduate in private sector is far larger than in public sector. This is especially true because of the push that both central and state governments have given towards tourism and allied sectors.

Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management assures the students and their family that their career in the hospitality sector will be on the right track should they choose RIHM as their college for obtaining a hotel management degree. Our  near 100% placement records speak for themselves. With an alumni base going back to the year 2002, and strong ties with the industry, Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management is truly the top hotel management college in Uttarakhand.