In today’s competitive world, it is not easy to get a job, let alone land one before you graduate from college. With the effects of the recession still looming over the global economy, it has been difficult from recent graduates to land even entry level jobs.

However, there is one sector that has done consistently well over the last decade – tourism. Every year more and more people are joining the wanderlust that is travelling, making the hospitality sector one of the most profitable, secure and job providing one. This is one of the reasons why students are opting for skill based courses like hotel management instead of traditionally revered courses like engineering and medicine.

Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradunhas proved to be the most preferred destination for aspiring hotel management students from across the country. The institute consistently attracts the finest faculty and the best of students for its Bachelors in Hotel Management, Diploma in Hotel Management, and various Crafts Courses in Bartending, Bakery and Confectionery programmes.

Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun has a rich tradition of pursuing excellence and over the past two decades has continually re-invented itself in terms of academic programmes and training infrastructure. Students are exposed to world class academics and a host of sport, cultural and organizational activities on our vibrant campus. The presence of state of the art facilities, vigorous institute-industry collaborations, and industrial training opportunities help the students of Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun to excel and be ahead in the competitive professional environment.

Twenty one years and counting, Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun has produced many illustrious alumni, now placed across the globe, whose contributions at national and international levels have been significant. The alumni of Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun are often sought after for coveted positions in the realm of business, academics and research. Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun consistently maintains an exemplary recruitment record, with almost 100% placement each year. Our graduates have been selected by leading national and multinational corporations and government institutes.

Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun boasts of its record of placing several highly qualified women in the field of hospitality. We also take immense pride in our students’ abilities and ambition which has led to many of them becoming entrepreneurs in their own right. Several of RIHM alumni have also taken the proverbial road less travelled and gone on to join the exciting world of cruises and sea liners.

We highly value our partnership with recruiters, alumni and friends of Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun, and remain committed to making your recruiting experience productive and positive.