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Founder Chairman

Educational institutions all around the world along with the aspirations of students and parents have undergone critical transformations with time. Having successfully completed two decades of instituting quality education for all, Shri Ram Institute, Dehradun has been making meaningful educational transformations and accomplishing world-class standards of academic excellence.

SRIHM Dehradun has been established with a vision to impart futuristic education with high values of discipline, morals, and concept of noble thinking. The institute completely devotes itself to educating students with state-of-the-art infrastructure, highly capable faculty, and a conducive environment, needed for pursuing true education. We train and nurture students in such a manner that they recognize their full potential and put their best to gain knowledge and become worthy professionals, who would proudly serve the nation and face the corporate world with confidence and commitment.

Since its inception, Shri Ram Institute, Dehradun has laid a lot of emphasis on quality education. We developed and introduced a system of quality assurance, which on a continuous basis evaluates and monitors the quality of education and training imparted to students. With our accumulated intellectual capital and strong faculty base, we wholeheartedly implement our quality policy. By virtue of these facts, Shri Ram Institute, Dehradun has bagged various coveted awards for excellent contribution to education.

Our intentions are to chisel the raw minds into perfect personalities, not only fit for the job market but also to lead a happy and purposeful life wherever they go and whatever they do. We wish SRIians to be responsible citizens of the nation without compromising on ethics, have all the powers and fun of life, and be service providers to society with humility.

“Strong principles and value-based education have helped us in imparting values that are reflected in our students who are serving in various sectors at prominent positions, reaching people from all walks of life. I believe that one can only grow by sharing and giving. I will continue to ensure that we excel even further in the future and will strive to make every single Ram Institute Graduate a world-class professional.”

Each one of our students will be a success story. This is my dream; this is my commitment.

Spearheading the education revolution through Shri Ram Institute has been an evolving journey for me in the last 23 years in which I witnessed students from small-town scripting big success stories. Their commitment to career and society and the balance they maintained between them both is how SRI enriched them. The name and fame they brought to the Institute are how they reciprocated. And in this process of giving and taking, I feel honored to be a part of trailblazer SRI which revolutionized the education momentum in North India. This is true, the biggest satisfaction and achievement of my life.

With blessings
Sachin Garg
Founder Chairman

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