Chandan Rattan
Ontario, Canada

I am glad to have been a part of Ram institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun. The Institute not only grooms the students for the hospitality sector but also play an amazing role in shaping an individual's personality and helps them become a responsible human being. Today, I am able to face the world with confidence. No other institute can match these teachings

Dheeraj Malik
Chief Executive Chef

Ram institute of Hotel Management  has best faculty  in the industry that not only helps you gain excellent  theoretical knowledge but also puts in equal emphasis on learning from experience and practical  training. All the Faculty members, mentors and management in Ram institute family have been a great help and a strong support. . The focus of the institute is on all round development of the student to make them high performing individuals who are successful not only in the hospitality industry but elsewhere too.

Jeevan Singh
Chef@ Threesixth Degrees (Award Winning Restaurant)

I discovered that one of the most important values in life is education. When i decided to make my career in hospitality sector Ram institute of Hotel Management was the first recommendation that i got from my friends.
RIHM gives you a world of opportunities from the very moment you arrive on the campus, opens new doors and makes you to the next level in the industry.

Maitrey Panday

For the Ram institute of Hotel Management  has been an education in the true sense of the word, it taught me life skills not limited to the hotel industry, as I keep finding out every day in my personal and professional life. I would, without hesitation, highly recommend Ram institute to any prospective student. The faculty, facilities, education standard and the institute itself are all first class and at par with, if not better than, some of the best in the world.

Rashmikant  Jaguri
Owner of Restaurant Fort McMurray Alberta

I would like to thank Ram institute for helping me become what I am today. The institute has provided me with numerous platforms to showcase my talent. This is made me independent and ready for the professional world. The faculty and management have been very supportive and guided me at every step. As a hosteller, I would say Ram Institute is actually a "Home away from Home

Vijay Ohlan
Corona Brewery. Ontario

These 3 years in Ram institute of Hotel Management  has provided me with a lot of learning and has helped me enhance my skills for life. The institute offers a pool of opportunities to its students in terms of on the job training with top brand hotels. I am grateful to the institute to help me get placed in my dream company


RIHM is one of the best colleges in India where in you will be molded into Hospitality Professionals. The College has a magnificent and enjoyable study environment. On top of that, its combined with wonderful and knowledgeable faculty who are ready to help you at all times. The Institute is well structured and has all the facilities to train you practically. A lot of attention was given to the practical portion of the course. We had daily practicals. I was lucky enough to be a part of this college. Thank you for everything


I am grateful to RIHM for providing me with an excellent education. The four year period it took me to complete the requirements for the degree was an exceptionally fine educational experience. The competency and the professionalism of the professors were nothing less than outstanding. It allowed an easy, smooth, and rewarding transition from a novice to a professional in the Hospitality industry. I am pleased and proudly say that I belong to the RIHM clan.


I has a great experience at Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management. I enjoyed every moment in the college and learnt a lot here. The faculty is really well experienced and caring, and guides the students at every step.


At the outset I thank the management and staff of RIHM for creating an excellent environment during our college days, in which an equal importance was given to education, extra curricular activities, personality development, soft skills development. I owe a great deal of my success to my alma mater. A big thank you to all the members of management and staff.


The realisation of my dream to excel in the hospitality sector was in fact the result of an extra-ordinary amount of freedom and opportunities to explore and enhance my skills at Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management. I am thoroughly enjoying a very rewarding career all thanks to RIHM.


The intensive training I received at the state of the art facilities and with the able support of the excellent faculty have been stepping stones towards my dream of becoming a part of the hospitality and tourism industry. The numerous inter & inter collegiate competitions we have at Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management and cultural events have definitely contributed to making me good management material.


Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management is the best of all Hotel Management colleges. Situated in the lush green Doon Valley, it provides the best of everything to its students, from excellent faculty and facilities to daily practical and internships. The 4 years I spent there were the best investment I made in myself.


I’ll never forget that because of Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management, I now have an excellent education that enables me to soar high in the hospitality sector. I have had the privilege of studying at RIHM and hope others take this chance to change their lives for the better.


I am happy and proud to be an RIHMite! My time there has been truly memorable for me. The co - curricular activities like the inter and intra college competitions, club activities have given me opportunities to express and explore my organizational and leadership skills. Since Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management has students from all over the world, we also learn a lot about other cultures and diversity, giving us valuable experience and insight for our future as a "Hospitality Person". Here I found an outlet for my creative urges, and opportunities that were wholesome and fulfilling.


For me the best thing about Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management is their Training and Placement Programme. All the students from RIHM, myself included, were provided with JT and IT in 5 star hotels. The college also helped us all in securing jobs in well known hotel and resort chains as we had an edge over the others with the training provided at RIHM. Looking back, I have had the privilege of being tested for my skills and trained specially for several events & competitions. RIHM – definitely the best place to be!