Hospitality management has taken the world by storm. The hospitality and tourism industry is growing rapidly across the world and the case is no different in India. The change is visible to common people with the sudden growth of the number of hotels and resorts in the country. Several international chain of hotels and resorts have also established their business in India leading to an increase in the demand for hospitality management professionals.

There are several opportunities in the field and usually, the jobs go to those who have studied the subject. Considering the boom in the field of hospitality and tourism, one should consider pursuing a diploma in hotel management in Dehradun from a well-reputed college like Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun.

A diploma course in hotel management is “designed to teach basic hotel operations and management along with internship and training opportunities. The course usually offers vocational training to the students who want to excel their career in this sector.” At Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun, we provide our students with the theoretical knowledge required by the field and asses it by conducting daily practical sessions.

A diploma in hotel management in Dehradun would also offer internships and training sessions. Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun does this with all its students and helps them gain real-life experience and explore the challenges of the industry before formally joining it.