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Founder Message

Founder Message

Hospitality Industry has grown phenomenally in the last two decades due to globalisation. For it to succeed, it not only needs modern infrastructure, but also requires trained personnel who are the frontline service providers. however, there seemed to be a shortage of skilled employees in the hospitality sector in India.

With the objective of addressing this issue and providing the youth of Uttarakhand with viable future opportunities, we established the Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun in the year 1997 to produce industry-oriented, skilled graduates with abilities to perform par excellence. Being the pioneer hotel management college of Uttarakhand, SRIHM has consistently performed as a premier institute to provide quality personnel for the Industry.

RIHM is one of the fastest-growing educational brands in India which is a blend of continuous innovation and global benchmarking. Our objective is to provide outstanding and accessible learning experiences that prepare our diverse students for successful hospitality service management careers. Our outstanding progress by creating a world-class infrastructure consisting of a sprawling educational campus with a green cover which is a landmark.

Ram Institute, Dehradun has been in the profession of imparting quality education since 1997 and providing quality personnel to the Industry. It has evolved into a fine leading institution to do so. However, this evolution is not by chance. It is deliberate with concentrated and consistent efforts to carve its presence in the hospitality industry. Today, in this era of global competition, we can very proudly claim that the Ram Institute is recognized by the hospitality industry at large for its reliability in consistently providing quality graduates. Our reputation has grown by leaps mainly through word of mouth publicity. Our actions speak louder than any other medium.

At the end of the day, we aim to provide our students with excellence and they represent our quality. When they graduate, they take the Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management with them wherever they go. This is why we want to ensure that prospecting students join a college where the quality of the educational program and facilities is excellent.

As the founder of the institute, I humbly welcome you to access our multifarious endeavors and be a part of our culture.

Sachin Garg

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