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ICT Tools & Resources

ICT Tools & Resources

Managing Director

  SNE-Resources & Techniques UsedLink of the relevant documents
1J-Gate Plus
4Vidya Mitra
5Consortium for Educational Communication
6Directory of Open Access Journals (DoAJ)
7National Digital Library of India (NDLI)
8Directory of Open Access Books (DoAB)
9Directory of Open Access Repositories (DoAR):
10NISCAIR Online Periodicals Repository (NoPR)
11Open Access Library (OALib)
12Project Gutenberg
15Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers (IETE)
16NPTEL / Swayam chapter
17Virtual Lab
18Slide Share

ICT Initiatives of MHRD

S.No.ResourceFor students/ResearchersFor Institutions
Audio-Video e-content
1SWAYAM: Massive Open Online Courses


Earn credit through online courses– Encourage your extraordinary faculty to develop online courses
– Accept credits awarded under SWAYAM
– Form SWAYAM local chapters
2SWAYAMPRABHA: View digital courses on TVWatch high-quality educational programs 24*7Provide facility for viewing SWAYAMPRABHA content
Digital content: access journals and e-books
1National Digital Library: e-content


Access e-content in multiple disciplines– Get your E-content listed
– Form NDL Club
2e-PG Pathshala: Gateway for e-books up to PGGet free books and curriculum-based e-contentHost e-books
3Shodhganga: A reservoir of Indian ThesesAccess Research Theses of scholars of Indian InstitutesGet research theses of your scholars to get listed on Shodhganga
4e-ShodhSindhu: e-journalsGet access to full text e-resourcesGet access to full-text e-resources
Accelerated Hands-on learning
1e-Yantra: Engineering for a better tomorrowGet hands-on experience with embedded systemsCreate e-Yantra labs for training in embedded systems in collaboration with IIT Bombay
2FOSSEE: Free/Libre and Open Source Software for Education– Access and volunteer for the use of open-source software
– Become FOSSEE fellow
Run labs in open source
3Spoken Tutorial: Tutorial in IT applicationSelf-training in IT fieldsEncourage eminent faculty to provide training content for self-learning
4Virtual Labs: Web-enabled experiments designed for remote – operation
– Virtual Labs at a Glance
Try curriculum-based virtual experimentsDevelop virtual experiments for Virtual labs suited to course curriculum in gap areas
Track your progress
1VIDWAN: Expert Database and National Research Network
Register on VIDWANGet your faculty registered on VIDWAN
– Monitor research outcomes at different levels
2Shodh Shudhhi (PDS): Plagiarism Detection SoftwareUnique ideas, concepts and information without duplication.– Encourage original information by preventing plagiarism.
– Better research outcomes.
– Reputation of the institution/university.

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