Desserts are well loved all across the globe. From crispy jalebis to squelchy tiramisus, desserts make our meals complete. This is one of the reasons why dessert chefs are in such a high demand in 5-star hotel and resorts in the world.

If you want to have an international career in baking and confectionery, this is what should do. Elevate your baking skills by combining advanced knowledge and supervision expertise. The baking profession collaborates both art and science, the career requires lots of creativity, passion, and commitment that leads you to avail of international job opportunities in the baking profession. Students with an intrinsic interest in baking, artistic skills can build up a strong career in the same field. Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management’s certificate course in baking and confectionery will provide you with the best techniques and teaching experience in the world which will put you on the map. Pastry chefs are in huge demand in today’s era.

The bakery products have become an indispensable part of celebrations and occasions. With the innovative art of baking along with specific courses are quite beneficial for the students who are planning to pursue their career in the baking. Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management teaches while keeping the students’ interests and future prospects in mind making it the top bakery institute in Dehradun.

Making a cake or pastries involves high quality of creativity as these directly related to joy and happy occasions, the decoration of these must be super-classy. A baker must have the skills to satisfy the desire of the customer with the art of designing the baking products. This is the reason why baking is an internationally renowned and appreciated art, and is in such a high demand.

Shri Ram Institute of Hotel Management, Dehradun also offers programmes like Bachelors in Hotel Management , Diploma in Hotel Management , Certificate Course in Bartending , along with a Certificate Course in Bakery and Confectionery.